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  • Yeah , like OVERGRO said i want a way to keep in touch with u. I dont have facebook but i do have X-box live and email
    dude , ur one of my first smogon mates and one of the only british people here. Please dont leave! it wont be the same without u. If so , tell me as i want one last PO match =)
    I understand your decision from what you've told others. You have grown apart from smogon and pokemon. You will be missed and remain a friend to all of us. I hope you do well outside of smogon and I guess all that is left is.

    Good-bye 
    I know I can't say much to make you change your mind, as IRL takes precedence over most things. But this is a part of your life too, even if it's not "real." These are real sympathies people are sending you. We don't care if you visit once every 2 months, but just let us know you live :)
    My suggestions
    1) Don't de-activate. Visit like I said once every 2 months or so
    2) Do what you want to do. Your life is more complicated than I could ever understand, and vice versa. But understand that Smogon is a part of life too, and if you feel you must let go and "grow out" of it, so be it.
    - If you leave, be sure to cpy-pst a nice goodbye in Neutral and New Mauville. And transfer your groups :)

    If you choose to leave, my sincerest good-byes DL13.
    DL13, I want you to know that we'll miss you if you go, a lot :'(

    This, coming from OVERGRO, is a great thing. Next time you're in Canada, keep in touch with me - perhaps by email or something. [In a non creepy way]

    I can't force you to do anything, but as you can tell, even if Smogon no longer appeals to you, you shouldn't deactivate your account simply because of all the people that would miss you. :(

    I know all about having "bigger fish to fry." I'm actually pretty successful outside of Smogon, beleive it or not :) But I keep in touch here because I'm now a part of a community - even if everyone here is more interested in "spam" than intelligent discussion (intelligent non-pokemon related discussion even).
    De-activating Smogon is kind of extreme, maybe swing by once every two months or so because we miss you around here :)
    I will force nothing upon you, but if you really decide to leave then you should know that the SSIS will lose a valued high ranking officer.
    I guess it's good-bye then. I'm really gonna miss you. In a serious non-homo sort of way.
    *Breaks down in tears*
    Dude, don't leave. Stay around at least for a while. And I'm not saying that you need to be on here 24/7. Go have fun with your real friends. Just come around here every now and again to chat with us.
    IRL problems are understandable. But do you ever feel in life you get tired of acting mature constantly? Not saying all the rest of us act entirely immature(except BS), but still.
    im going to edinburgh (if incorrect spelling please make correct using your imaginary god-like powers) tomorrow, so plz win the autumn friendly for me, or get 2000+ points or summat like dat, cuz dat wud be grate
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